DLK Managed Care Solutions, Inc.,
a privately owned care management company.

DLK Managed Care Solutions was founded in 1998. Being a Private Care Manager is challenging, rewarding, and memorable. Along with the personalized services to address the needs of the aging and disabled, unusual situations crop up from time to time. Many times interesting “facts” make their way into the Managed Care business.

  • Did you know that there is a Veterans Cemetery in Bucks County for Veterans whose families cannot pay for private burial?
  • Did you know that families from out-of-town may hire someone to accompany their family member to a doctor’s appointment, determine treatment options, and relay the information to the family giving them the full picture?
  • Did you know that Guardians must consult with the Court before making end of life decisions?
  • Did you know that as a person ages there is a loss of the sense of thirst, so that when someone visits, beverages brought along by the visitor are a welcome gift of hydration for the older person and a social avenue of sharing for both?
  • Did you know that elders who have lost a spouse or another loved one may exhibit what appears to be dementia, but may in fact be expressions of grief and depression?
  • Did you know that the elderly and disabled often lose mobility in their arms and shoulders, so when buying clothing for them it may be easier for button down the front tops, not pull over the head, and avoid clothes that have to be dry cleaned?
  • And finally, did you know that a card-carrying member of AARP can get a free doughnut with the purchase of a large coffee?

As a Private Care Manager, Deb works with many “permanent” or “on-going” clients, but also handles “one-time” situations as well. Her services might include, but are not limited to, assessing a person’s physical, environmental, and financial needs, and their cognitive and functional levels, identifying needs and/or problems and planning care, coordination of the care plan and implementation, monitoring the care plan with visits and phone calls, accompanying a client to appointments, paying bills and finding financial resources, and coordinating in-home services. She is also a Court-Appointed Guardian, Professional Power of Attorney and Patient Advocate.

A day in Deb’s life can be busy, challenging and even hectic, but it is never, ever dull. Calls to discuss cases are welcome.

DLK Managed Care Solutions, Inc.
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